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Solo exhibition 「PIN」

Venue: THE 9X OSAKA/大阪

Date : 2023.11



“見えないものを意識する感覚”をコンセプトにした作品です。 人や物事にはそこに至るまでのストーリーがあり、目に見えるものではないため普段は通り過ぎてしまうことがあります。

環境やマインド、タイミングなど、何かのきっかけで見えていないものを知りたいと思ったり意識したりするのではないでしょうか。 今は知りたいことがあればパソコンやスマホで多くの情報を見ることができます。 過去の出来事について誰かが残した断片を知ることができます。



油画は2層になっており1層目を描き終えた後、上から下地を塗り新たに2層目の絵を重ねていきます。 1層目はデジタルアート、2層目はフィジカルの作品になっています。



作品のタイトルは日付です。 「日にちは日々の目印に過ぎません。誰かにとっては何でもない一日が、誰かにとっては特別な一日かもしれない。」という意味を込めて、どこかにいる誰かの1日の中の一瞬を描きました。



This oil painting is based on the theme of "a sense of awareness of the invisible."

This work is based on the concept of "a sense of awareness of the invisible. People and things have stories that lead up to them, but because they are not visible, we usually pass them by. We may want to know or be aware of what we cannot see because of something such as environment, mindset, or timing. Nowadays, if we want to know something, we can see a lot of information on our computers or smartphones. We can learn about bits and pieces that someone left behind about past events. What is important is to have the desire to know and to keep in mind that there are things that we cannot see.

Oil painting is made up of two layers. After the first layer is painted, a primer is applied on top of the first layer and a second layer is added. The first layer is digital art and the second layer is physical art. Digital art is a work that does not exist in real life, but can be seen as a digital work.

The title of the work is a date. The date is nothing more than a daily marker. A day that is nothing to someone else may be a special day to someone else. With this meaning, I depicted a moment in the day of someone somewhere. The first layer of digital art represents a day in someone's past, and the second layer of physical artwork represents a day closer to someone's present.

The title of the solo exhibition "PIN" was inspired by the idea that it would be nice if I could touch something that caught my attention or piqued my interest, just like putting a pin on a place on a map. I chose "PIN" as the title of my solo exhibition.

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